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We would be lost without the hard work of our amazing committees, and they would be lost without volunteers! Check out our committees below and reach out to the chair if you're interested in getting involved at any point throughout the year. Need help deciding which one is right for you? Just call the AAF-Louisville office and we'll help. (502) 895-2500

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Ad2 Louisville (Young Advertising Professionals)
Club Achievement
Communications | Social Media | PR
Creative Competition | American Advertising Awards
Diversity & Inclusion
Industry & Government Relations
Public Service

Ad2 Louisville 
Chair: Lauren Schulz, Baptist Health -

Have you ever wanted to:
Share an idea with the world (or at least your community)?
Be recognized for your skills and talents?
Learn something new?
Be in charge?
Meet new people?
Win an award?
Be a part of something big?
Ad2 Louisville is THE group of young, passionate, forward thinking and forward moving people who make a difference. Ad2, an affiliate of the American Advertising Federation, is a non-profit organization created for marketing and advertising professionals ages 32 and younger. Ad2 represents the future of advertising and marketing communications through its ability to unite young, talented professionals, not only across the city of Louisville, but across the country as one group. Together, Ad2 creates a means for up-and-coming professionals in the industry to gain the contacts, education and leadership opportunities they need to become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Committee goals:
Grow Ad2 Louisville’s membership base
Foster relationships with university marketing and advertising groups
Develop mentor program between students, Ad2Lou, and AAF-Louisville
Continue to provide professional and personal added value opportunities to our members
Continue to serve the community using our professional skills

Who we need to be successful:
Web developers
Influencers and negotiators (sponsorship)
Creators and expressers
Team players
Commercial nous
Graphic designers
Media representatives and sales professionals
Marketing professionals


Club Achievement Competition  
Chair: Kristin Brady, WLKY -

One of National AAF’s major objectives is to recognize excellence and encourage high standards among industry professionals. The Club Achievement Competition is designed to recognize outstanding accomplishments of its affiliated advertising clubs and to showcase the programs and projects that these clubs undertake each year. The Club Achievement committee helps to prepare the AAF-Louisville submission to the National competition.

Committee goals:
Collect and archive data surrounding all club activities for the year
Manage timeline for project development including:
Develop outline at beginning of club year to begin process
Identify holes in content or areas of weakness mid-year so EC can make adjustments
Develop initial written draft for eight club achievement submissions
Assist in collateral collection process to supplement narrative
Assist in building binder submission

Who we need to be successful:
The Club Achievement Committee is in need of detail-oriented, engaged, and proactive members who can help compile all of the great things we do throughout the year! We especially would like those who excel at writing and creating a compelling narrative to be involved as we craft our yearly triumphs. AAF-Louisville has a great story to tell – will you be the one to help tell it? Specifically looking for:
Any members with great copywriting skills/passion for writing
Members with a talent for proofreading
Members able to help design the collateral pages and tell our story visually.


Communications | Social Media | PR  
Chair: Sarah McCool -

Is AAF-Louisville lucky enough to have you on the Communications Committee? Not only will the Communications Committee be an awesome networking opportunity, where you will get to work with people outside of your agency, but you will also have a chance to showcase your creative skills and have your ideas be heard. If you work at a PR agency and/or have experience in digital advertising, we are looking at you. Calling all creative writers, all social media influencers, and all those willing to share your knowledge in regards to email marketing, website updates, content creation, PR, social media and direct mail marketing. The exciting thing about this committee is that the entire organization and those affiliated will see the work you produce. You should be on this committee if you are passionate about advertising and want to continue making this organization the #1 marketing club in the country!

Committee goals:
Develop a cohesive communications strategy for the club
Increase attendance at AAF events
Increase awareness of AAF events
Increase overall participation in AAF
Increase engagement of those participating in/with AAF
Develop innovative, original ways to spread AAF brand awareness  

Who we need to be successful:
The Communications Committee is looking for members that:
Have served on this committee before and would like to continue.
Have served on other AAFL committees but are looking for something different  
PR experience and/or the willingness to learn
Social media management experience and/or the willingness to learn
Digital advertising experience
Account service: Proficient organizational and time management skills


Creative Competition | American Advertising Awards 
Co-Chairs: Beth Brown, UnitedMail -; Christine Tarquinio, Greater Louisville Inc. -        

Do you want to be a part of a group that has a real impact in our advertising community? This committee is charged with overseeing the entries, judging and celebration of the American Advertising Awards in Louisville. The Louies, as we call them, are actually the first step in a three-tiered competition held by the American Advertising Federation. From concepting and developing a creative and fun way to call for entries, to logging them and coordinating judging and hosting the annual awards celebration, this committee is a great one. Join us and see all that goes into selecting the best work of the year for the top ad club in the United States.

Committee goals:
To have fun and make new connections
To make the process for submitting entries easy and seamless
To promote the call for entries and increase the number of entries made
To select credible and appropriate judges who will review and analyze our work
To plan and execute a fun and engaging gala to celebrate our community
To communicate and engage our community via social media
To support the AAF-Louisville and its overall goals
To represent AAF-Louisville well

Who we need to be successful:
Members with a collaborative attitude
Detail-oriented mindset
Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
Social media savvy
A good sense of humor


Diversity & Inclusion  
Chair: Ben Ruiz, Adhawks Advertising -

The AAF-Louisville Diversity & Inclusion Committee is a group of PR, marketing club members who support diversity and inclusion among club members, its activities, events and the community. The Committee will recruit people of all colors, gender, ethnic backgrounds including LGBT and physically challenged individuals. Ben Ruiz, the new Chair, is honored to take the momentum gained by Kara DeLost and her committee last year and is asking you to join this committee in order to, together, make a difference for our club by increasing diversity and inclusion within the advertising profession for both the club and the industry.

Committee goals:
Increase diversity within the profession at both the club and institution levels
Serve as a resource on issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion
Ignite and foster social conversation on culturally legit advertising campaigns
Increase AAF Louisville awareness among local minority populations

Who we need to be successful:
The AAF-Louisville Diversity & Inclusion Committee is in need of people who can help connect the club with diverse populations through their own involvement with these groups, the community and the local media.


Chair: Kelley Kerger, Power Agency -

With hallmark events including our Stand Up for Education comedy night fundraiser, High School Marketing Challenge, and scholarship program sprinkled throughout the year, the Education Committee provides an opportunity to get involved with AAF-Louisville while balancing your busy seasons. The committee is seeking education enthusiasts willing to help expand our communication and connection with area universities and high schools. If you have an interest in educational outreach, a knack for communication, or a passion for promotion, we’ll find the right fit for you on the Education Committee!

Committee goals:
Plan a successful Stand Up for Education, Comedy for a Cause fundraiser to support the endowment
Grow participation in the High School Marketing Challenge and scholarship program
Create a teacher-focused educational event

Who we need to be successful:
Members with videography and video editing experience
Event planning and promotion
Affiliations or contacts at local schools and universities
Communications liaison to work directly with the Communications Committee


Industry & Government Relations  
Chair: Jonathon Bartley, Vidionix

The Industry and Government Relations Committee strives to build relationships with valuable industry partners and educate AAF members on important legislative issues. By joining the committee you play an integral role on our team, enhance your resume and most importantly...have fun! We'll meet monthly, or as needed, and will not take any more of your valuable time as needed to get the job done!

Committee goals:
Educate key business and government leaders on the value that our industry brings to the community. 
Serve as an informative hub to our members on legislative issues pertaining to our industry.
Increase awareness of value that advocacy brings to our members.

Who we need to be successful:
We are looking for individuals who are not afraid to reach out to key business leaders. We'll reach out to them for exclusive event invites, requests for information or speaking roles and to simply educate them on our goals and needs. We are also looking for individuals to help research current legislative topics, sit in on national conference calls and to report back to the communication committee to better educate our members on key topics.


Chair: Terri Lenahan-Downs, The Louisville

It all starts with good people. For all the success that AAF-Louisville has had, the underlying currency is good people. I believe that recruiting and retaining not just good people--but great people--is the key to the success for most organizations out there. The AAF-Louisville Membership Committee is no different. In fact, our primary focus is to connect with and highlight our great membership, plus look for more people and companies that can further solidify our organization, expand our horizons, and take advantage of the myriad of benefits offered to them. Are you interested in helping serve on our committee? We would be honored to have you!

Committee goals:
Increasing membership benefit awareness by consistently and efficiently communicating through various channels. Spotlight member benefit campaigns and national benefits that speak to specific membership groups by leveraging email, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, direct mail, and one-to-one communication.
Develop a structured recruitment program. Define the parameters and the communication to effectively target specific potential membership types (educators, students, individuals, corporate members, etc.).
Retain and engage current members by regularly highlighting “volunteer spotlight” program recognizing the efforts of our membership. Perhaps focus on a corporate membership only event.

Who we need to be successful:
Extroverts who are willing to create new opportunities and meet new potential members
Introverts who can help with policy, structure, detail and organization
Writing skills needed to help communicate benefits to various potential groups. 
Social media/digital acumen to help strategize how to leverage communication styles and channels


Chair: TJ White, Courier-Journal Media -

The Programs Committee is an opportunity for a diverse group of professionals to create events throughout the club year that will help educate, inspire and entertain various members of our community. We want to bring the best in our industry to the table and share their experiences, insights and what the future of our industry holds. By joining this group you will be part of the trendsetters and taste-makers in the world of advertising. You will be able to network with many different fragments of our community and share those best practices with your peers, mentors and friends! Join Programs and be part of the cool Kids!

Committee goals:
Develop the programming for Professional Development Series
Analyze and possibly restructure the National Speaker Series
Identify diverse topics and speakers, that are on trend and engaging to a wide cross-section of AAF-Louisville members and the rest of the ad community
Make sure we're unique to our industry, educational to the industry, relevant, fun and profitable!

Who we need to be successful:
Members who are energetic
Various segments of the industry (media, agency, creative, sales, independents, content creators)
Various years of experience
From various communities / life journeys
Collaborative, connected and engaged
Fun, funny, and fabulous!
Don't join if you don’t think you can commit the time to make it happen!


Public Service   
Chair: Kat Gentner, K@alyst -

Volunteering with the Public Service committee allows you to network with some of the best in advertising industry AND give back to the community. 2017-2018 will see us continue to promote individuals who do incredible volunteer work in our community and partner with wonderful non-profits to help them fulfill their missions. Some of the non-profits we have helped include: Dress for Success, LIBA, Best Buddies of Louisville, Center for Women and Families, Food Literacy Project, Backside Learning Center, The de Paul School, First Tee of Louisville, Peace Ed, Dare to Care and many more.

Committee goals:
Execute the Dream Team and Public Service Media Project.
Highlight a member who does public service in our Public Service spotlight.
Work with local non-profits to help our members give back to the community with the Helping Hands project.
Plan our Public Works event honoring public service marketing and advertising.

Who we need to be successful:
Passionate about giving back
Willingness to coordinate efforts with non-profits
Account executive
Coordinate with members


Develop sponsorship packages and identify prospective companies for sponsorship to support the club’s programming. Please contact Lauren Beckley at if you have a sponsorship lead or would like to become involved.